JASON WESTERFIELD (Denies The Deity Of Christ)

I would like to endorse this letter and encourage people to reflect on its content in love seeking the heart of God, Father Son and Holy Spirit. Please act in love, honour, respect and with a forgiving heart for people if entering any debate these issues.
This letter is being submitted anonymously by a number of individuals who contributed to the composition of the response to the Jason Westerfield conference that took place Nov. 28th, 2015.
We have decided to pen this letter as a result of the need for love, transparency and clarity, with an intention to accurately convey what took place at the conference in order to remove rumor, exaggeration and here-say.
It seems Jason has crafted an eloquent message confronting and revealing aspects of how the enemy has used social engineering and psychological programming techniques within the framework of archetypal Christianity for the purposes of controlling the masses. He has done a good deal of research unveiling many valid facts in relation to secret society agendas, interstellar civilizations, as well as world religions. Jason presented parts of his journey on being deprogrammed for over 5 years in order to cast off many of these ‘Vati-Can’ (“Father-Dog”) beliefs, longtime accepted church doctrines, and at times, the words of Jesus in scripture. As a result, Jason articulately presented why his journey through the cosmos and ancient world has led him to leave behind various mindsets that he believes are put in place for control.
While it is commonly accepted that there are real control-based conspiracies and a hidden cosmic story taking place in parallel with the development of humanity, it is our strong belief that in casting off so much of this ‘Vati-Can’ based mindset, Jason has also rejected some of the core God-given doctrines of our faith, Christianity.
Since there have been so many accusations recently of ‘triggering’ and being ‘robotic’ in relation to one defending the belief that Christ is the exclusive Way, we would like to differentiate this letter from the accused mindset, and ask everyone considering the information presented herein to be peaceful, considerate, and logical in deducing your own conclusions. We would also like to state that Jason does have very powerful, truthful information, which serves as the foundation for his new conclusions. We want to make a note of specific importance to the reader that while any given precept may be true, it does not necessarily validate the resulting conclusions come to based on that evidence. This is a core issue and a common thread in how Jason’s views were being presented.
It would be beyond the scope of this letter to cover the entire content of the conference, however there was given a basic conceptual framework for who God is, who the beings are from the star constellation Sirius, and much more which will be discussed. We would like to address the facts of what was exactly stated. First however, we have a deep desire to communicate that this is not being done out of slander or hostility of any kind, but is being written for the men and women of God around the world who have an unbiased interest in deciding for themselves what is behind the Western Gate, and if we want it opened.
While seeming to challenge the validity of the Bible itself, Jason shared that the Genesis story and Abrahamic model is not only inaccurate, but used solely to keep us under control. Jason shared quite openly that he associates the Father from the Bible with historic archetypal father figures as well as gods of other religions, which were engineered throughout history to represent the trapezoidal nebula over Orion, relating to Sirius, the dog star. Jason brought up that g-o-d is d-o-g backwards and that he believes these beings have interacted with humanity throughout history as gods, or Anu (Annunaki). Jason believes that the Vatican has successfully planted the biblical understanding of the Christian God as a conspiracy-based agenda to place Sirius as the focal point of humanity’s religious programming.
While he claims to love God, he referred to him as ‘Source’, which in most traditions connotes more Eastern than Judeo-Christian ideals. Jason shared that while the human race was seeded on Earth by advanced civilizations, our genetic makeup, or our ‘father’s house’, is a collection of seeds of the stars, or of other interstellar species’ DNA, one of the major contributors being Sirian DNA. Jason also suggested that our inheritance as sons of God is because of this genetic lineage. As a result, he believes that Christian programming is propagating that Christianity is an extension of the Orion Order, that Sirius is our genetic father, and that the Christian God is really Anu (Annunaki).
We sincerely hope that our reader is able to feel our broken heartedness and poise of delay in releasing this letter publically, as this most recent speaking engagement may officially be the first time that Jason Westerfield released clear anti-biblical and anti-Christian teachings.
One issue of heavy importance is that while this information is being presented in sort of half-truth form, Jason’s conclusion that the God of the Christians is really a catholic box for Anu is a matter of extreme seriousness.
Initially, listening to the words spoken produced a hopefulness that Jason was attacking the real conspiracies and hidden agendas in a twisted and somewhat confusing way, while still clinging to Christ as Christians have defined him. Unfortunately, Jason defined who he believes Christ to be in such a way that directly questions his deity. Here are his words: “People say, just tell me if Jesus is God or not, ‘Well I mean, let me ask you a question. Are the beings in Genesis one, who helped engineer parts of mankind… are they God? And if they those beings are God, and that’s supposed to be the Father who created the Universe and mankind, they didn’t create the Universe, they might have helped some bit with mankind but we were already evolving. Are those beings God? Because if those elohim are God, then sure, Jesus is God, but if those beings are a race of people that come from another place, and on a DNA level, what you have is us being like that, and him too. A Royal bloodline like that that goes back to Sirius, Orion, Alpha Draconis”. Sadly, as you are able to read for yourself, Jason has disclosed he believes that Jesus Christ was an extension of the Sirian-elohim agenda.
If a Christian were to walk in the ways defined in the Bible, it would be no large task to in a time of contemplation reflect upon the good in someone like Buddha, Muhammad, Vishnu, etc. As believers, we are instructed to love everyone. It should be noted with the utmost sobriety that stating that you love Jesus is entirely different altogether from accepting him as the Messiah who was slain for your sins to redeem you to God. With the words that were spoken by Jason, it is our belief that Jason believes that Jesus did not come to die for our sins, but came instead as a Sirian messenger with a message of light and love, to help move humanity forward towards cosmic consciousness. Christianity should shy away from coating everything in abstract feel-good words that utilize emotion persuasion and instead instead focus on the mystic mechanics behind our beliefs and doctrinal tenants core to our salvation. It is the regenerative salvation that is negated by claiming Jesus was not God, but a Sirian. If Jesus was not God, the Blood that was shed did not do what we as Christians profess it to, and we lose our basic faith. This may be something Jason is very aware of and this why he believes salvation in the traditional sense is not needed, and he therefore prayed a prayer of repentance for all those who preached the doctrine of original sin. According to Jason, the fall was not a result of an ‘original sin,’ but the fault of other beings in order to enslave humanity in for the purpose of mining our gold.
Additionally, Jason shared that he does not believe in partaking in communion with the Lord, and shared his belief that Jesus did not come to die for the salvation of our sins, but came to help us back in our ascension process by flipping the system of enslavement that has been in place since our fall:
“When I understand Orion, death, burial and resurrection, When I understand the pyramid, I understand tipping of the tables and the money lenders, I understand the Father in heaven and all these symbolisms of Anu and Sirius but also Osiris, over in Orion, and the death, burial, resurrection and the baptism, and the communion. You know, I am not really looking into like that like before where drinking of the blood and eating of the flesh, but its almost presented if you don’t do this communion or eucharist, you don’t go with the drinking of the wine from the blood and eating the flesh. That’s when Jesus gave his main sermon, if you can’t do it, then you’re not tough enough, you’re not man enough, you’re not loyal enough, that’s main turn, you’re like I don’t wanna be the guy that turns, I’m all in because it gets you on that winner spirit. But I’m actually not into cannibalism personally, and I’m also not into blood drinking, or vampirism personally, so I’m not going to go with that because that’s part of that system if you know what where that comes from, I’m telling you, I just can’t do that, and if you are, that’s up to you, it’s your prerogative, just know your views and where they come from.”
It is important to understand what we believe. That communion, an archetypal symbol, represents the act of atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ reconciling man to God. It is reasonable however, for an individual who does not believe there is a need to redeem the soul of man to belittle the act of communion and doctrine of original sin. For Christians however, this changes everything about who Jesus is, and how we relate God. By rejecting the concept of sin, we reject the need for a savior, thus rejecting the Savior who did come, Jesus Christ, and He who sent Him, the Father.
There is no level of insight into alien species, advanced technology and secret societies that can illegitimize the absolute, utmost importance of a Savior. Overall, it is incredibly important as we move forward into the future mystic expression of Christianity, that we remain centered on Christ.
The mere fact that the catholic platform alone has been used for control, strange beings interacting with our planet, and other points of interest, does not mean that the Biblical narrative changes. As we move forward into the future for Christianity, knowledge of what lies beyond in the cosmic and spiritual arenas will only illuminate the scripture more. God’s word is timeless and never changes.
While there were many other seemingly sacrilegious statements made, the extent of all these are not important for the purpose of this letter, as this letter is not intended to point out faults or to criticize. This letter is intended to empower individuals with the power to think. Specifically, we would like to conclude this letter by drawing attention to the issues and invite you to think about what lies behind the Western Gate. At the end of the conference, in a time of impartation Jason prayed that the 6th dimensional peace from the Sirian Empire to be activated. Having considered the above words of Jason on who the Sirians are and his views in relation to Anu being the Christian Father, we ask you to stop and think about the importance of what could be taking place here, in the event that Jason is wrong about who he is contacting.
As Christians who love Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, we would like to plead with our brothers and sisters globally: Friends, please be extremely sober and diligent to consider what would happen if Jason were successful in gaining our support to open the Western Gate?
***The authors of this letter give express permission for any individual readers to share through social media or other outlets.***

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5 thoughts on “JASON WESTERFIELD (Denies The Deity Of Christ)

  1. The brilliant insight and exquisite expression of your revealing is heavenly indeed! How needful, how necessary was every word… and the Grace covering this informative correction could not have had a greater impact. Thank you so very much…as the deception get’s even greater, we will only know the truth from the lie by Holy Spirit’s revealing.


  2. I would like to add this: Jason (and all who desire to know truth about all these subjects like Royal bloodlines (San Greal aka Sang Real – French for Royal Blood- and also referred to as Holy Grail), Rex Deus (god kings), gnostic evolutions, Rosicrucians, Templars, Merovingians, Carolingians, Stuart bloodline, St. Clair (Sinclair) bloodlines, etc I would suggest really need to read “Genesis 6 Conspiracy How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Humanity” by Gary Wayne. His website is also genesis6conspiracy.com and he has YouTube video interviews on NYSTV channel and VFTB channel. I already had researched for years, and accumulated quite a lot of insight / knowledge into these types of subjects but I learned a lot more from his book.


  3. well thank you for this sound presentation! I had been curious for some time about what happened to him… guess now I know more at least. profound deception. not good. i pray for my brother but he needs some profound humility and and good cry with Jesus to undo all the web of lies.


  4. I feel like you’re very much misunderstanding what Jason’s saying. He’s not saying Jesus is a Syrian messenger. He’s saying that all of humanity is Syrian in origin, since ancient times. So, if Jesus was a man (which you believe) then he would have Syrian origins. True God, who not a god at all but above even the idea of God’s, is Jesus and our Father. The Bible says that Jesus came to bring many sons to glory. So whether Jesus dad was Anu (someone who was so glorified in his ascension back to our creator that he was brought to glory) or the uncreated all source who was and is and is to come, doesn’t matter, because who ever Jesus dad was, we know was perfect, because Jesus says “be perfect therefore as your HEAVENLY FATHER IS PERFECT.” So there’s nothing to worry about.
    Even in what Jason’s saying, there are these facts: God loves you, Jesus loves you. Jesus came to save you. You have a heavenly father and you can be like him and you will be with him.

    But the idea that Jesus is the only son of god is even against the bible itself.

    “But as many as received him, to them gave the power to become the sons of God. Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”
    If you receive him, “you are not born of blood, nor of the will of flesh nor of man, but of God.” YOU are begotten of God!
    Jesus predicts his death but he never says that his purpose is to die so that we can be forgiven for the bad things we’ve done.
    THAT’S what was invented. 😉


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